China Clay

China Clay Supplier in India

Nobody knows China Clay the way Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. does. We are leading the industry as a top China clay Supplier in India. We extract, purify and supply China clay to all specifications for our clients. Our expertise in China Clay lies in the fact that, we are the only company who provide 25+ kaolin products for various industries. Our wide range and unparallel expertise make us the best kaolin supplier in India.

You might be surprised with the term Kaolin instead of China Clay?

China clay comes from the Kaolinite group of clays. It is composed of Al2O3, 2SiO2, 2H2O, and Hydrous Aluminium Silicate. China clay when processed or treated with different methods to remove impurities and un bonded silica, it becomes Kaolin clay. China clay is still a popular term in literature and research papers however, industry started using term “Kaolin”. As far as direct raw mineral from mines is still known as China Clay. We provide the best of the best China clay and known best China Clay supplier in India since our inception in the mineral industry.

China Clay Mines

When it comes to China clay mines then Zillion Sawa Minerals Ltd. has a lot to offer. We have mining operation in both Rajasthan and Gujarat. The both states are China Clay rich states and produce high witness and brightness clay minerals. We have best China Clay mines in Rajasthan which produces consistent quality high witness and brightness material with good plasticity. When it comes to clay recovery from our mines in Gujarat and Rajasthan then it varies between 10% to 30%. Our clay recovery, after firing whiteness, particle size distribution, less iron percentage, brightness makes us best choice to procure form.

China Clay Supplier in India
China Clay

China Clay Usage

China clay is most versatile mineral one can ever imagine. The physical and chemical properties of China clay make it darling material for many industries. Whether it used as a primary content in ceramic industry or filler in various industry it is always in high demand. China clay is used by paint, paper, rubber, cosmetic, animal feed, pharma, latex, ink, ceramic, tableware, refractory and toothpaste. Most of the time it is used as a filler ingredient due to low oil absorption and chemical insensitive behaviour. China clay usage is not limited to certain application, constant Research and development is going on about its usage to many more industries. Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. also put a lot of efforts on product development and hence we have derived almost three to four variant for each industry. As of now we are dealing in 25 types of kaolin for various industry. You can check our Kaolin products by clicking below link –

China Clay Usage Industry Wise

China Clay Price

Being a brand name as a China clay supplier in India, we have been constantly asked question regarding pricing. China clay price depends on many parameters such as its form (washed / unwashed / calcined/ Hydrus),

whiteness, brightness, particle size distribution, Alumina percentage, silica content and most important where it get mined. As far as ex mines China Clay price are concerned then also it depends on local factors like state duties and taxes, labour cost, fuel prices and nature of the soil. Usually, China clay price starts from $5 USD and goes up to $400 USD. This price bracket covers all grade raw China clay and kaolin. Technically China clay term is used for raw clay which is not treated by any method. The Raw China clay price range is USD 5$ to USD 35$ in India. However, the kaolin product with Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. starts from $50 USD and goes up to $500 USD. As we are industrial supplier hence, we do not deal in retail quantity however you can double the price for retail estimate. The price gets doubled because low quantity has high logistic cost.

Why to buy China Clay from Zillion Sawa Minerals?

There are plenty of reasons which make Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. (ZSM) is a obvious choice for your China Clay needs. The major reasons are as per following –

1.Expertise – You may or may not be using China clay for your application but if you are reading this which means there is something which you want to explore. We at ZSM puts our major efforts in research and development. We can suggest you either how to use China Clay for filler or suggest you better replacement if you are already using it. The replacement would be cheaper in cost and better in performance. Our expertise makes us different from others.

2. Production Scale – As we are sourcing China clay from multiple geo location hence our supply is not limited. We can supply as per your requirement by maintaining the quality consistency. While purchasing raw clay it is very difficult to maintain quality parameters, our expert team will ensure that very truck you load will maintain minimum specifications required.

3. End to End Delivery Support - ZSM has dedicated team for logistic help. If our material is found suitable to your usage then rest is our headache. We will figure out the cheapest yet on time delivery partner for your procurement need. Whether it is domestic transportation or international ocean freight, we help you with all logistic requirement.

4.Affordability – Unlike other China clay supplier in India, we don’t operate on high margins. We believe long term relationship and hence provide most competitive prices for China Clay or Kaolin.

5.Our Products – As we already mentioned that we are the only China Clay Supplier in India who provides more then 25 finished products in kaolin clay. Apart from kaolin clay, we have wide range of China clay and China Clay Powder. We can provide kaolin in Cake, Noodle and powdered form. We produce all standard size China Clay powder ranging from 200 Mesh, 325 Mesh, 400 Mesh and 500 Mesh. If you are looking high brightness and whiteness China Clay from India then we can ensure you the export grade clay from India.

How to Buy China Clay from ZSM?

Whether you are existing user or trying some new formula with China Clay, ZSM is your one stop solution as a China Clay Supplier in India. We understand the importance of trials and hence provide no obligation samples. You can choose from our products and we will deliver the samples as per your requirement. Once your laboratory trial goes well, you can purchase bulk quantity or full truck load based on your plant trial requirement. We want you to be assured with our quality consistency. We at ZSM are very flexible with payment mode and understand all export formalities. Whether you are looking FOB or CIF, our export team gives you best China Clay price at the port of your choice.

Our supreme quality China Clay has propelled us to the pinnacle of success since our inception as a China Clay Supplier in India. We can process and deliver China Clay to consumers at cheap pricing because of our top-notch infrastructure. Quality, crystalline structure, and advanced process are three elements on which we do not compromise. The sales team has been thoroughly trained to meet your requirement. So don’t waste a single minute and place your requirement with us now.

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