Looking for China Clay Powder for your industrial application then you are at right place. We at Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. (ZSM) provide various quality China Clay powder in most competitive price ever. Rajasthan and Gujarat have many natural China clay deposits and land of minerals which makes Zillion Sawa Minerals a leading China Clay Supplier from India. The wide range of industrial applications required China clay or Kaolin Powder as a filler and hence it is in great demand worldwide. As far as chemical composition is concern it is combination of Alumina and Silica and popularly known as Aluminium Silicate (Al2SiO3). When China Clay is processed it becomes Kaolin Clay with less impurities and without silica sand. This blog post contain complete information on China Clay Powder Price, China Clay types, China Clay usage and available brands from ZSM.

Types of China Clay Powder

If you are a first time or regular user of China Clay powder then also it is important to understand the difference between various types of China Clay Powder. A well-educated decision not only help you to choose the right product but also enable you to cut down your expenses. Usually, people think that mesh size of the powder is main cost deciding factor however it is important to understand the mechanism behind it. These are the following famous Type of China Clay Powder –

Raw China Clay Powder – When we categorized it as a Raw China Clay powder which means it is developed from direct material from mines without any processing. This is the cheapest form of the material and usually used in filler applications. We provide raw China Clay powder in 150, 300 and 500 Mesh size.

Hydrous China Clay Powder – This type of material is also known as hydrous kaolin. When raw China Clay is treated with the help of water in big tanks and silica sand get separated, it becomes kaolin. The final product of washing plant is hydrous kaolin in Cake or noodle form, which further required a grinding process in order to get the powder. The hydrous China Clay powder is very popular in paper coating, Ink coating, rubber industry and cosmetic applications.

Calcined China Clay Powder - China Clay by default have water percentage in chemical composition. Usually, 8 to 14 percent moisture is very common in hydrous kaolin. There are certain industrial application where less moisture, high whiteness and brightness is required such as paint. The calcination process improves the physical properties of kaolin to a great extent. The calcined China Clay powder is very popular in many industries. 

China Clay Powder Price

 Like any other mineral China Clay cost is also varies based on the chemical and physical properties. If it is high whiteness, brightness and high plasticity material the cost will be high compare to normal mineral. The other important parameter for costing is mesh size or -2-micron particles availability. We at Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. provide various kind of Kaolin powders. Our famous brands are ZSM CK Super, ZSM Coat 80, ZSM Coat 75, ZSM Shine, ZSM Local, ZSM Raw, ZSM Silver, ZSM Super and ZSM Platinum etc.  We usually provide 150, 300 mesh and 500 mesh powders for all grades. China Clay powder price varies in the range of 1.5 Rs to 35 Rs per KG depending on the quality and mesh size. The mentioned China Clay Powder price is valid for full truck load order. As we are an industrial mineral supplier hence couldn’t provide material in retail. However, if you can arrange your own vehicle, we can provide small quantity in retail price.

The Final Say!

Being a leading Kaolin Supplier and exporter from India, we ensure you the best China Clay Powder in right price at your plant location. We have been supplying to Indian and overseas companies and our kaolin clay powder brands are in great demand. We understand the quality issues and hence provide free samples for your industrial plant trials. In order to get samples from Zillion Sawa Minerals (ZSM) feel free to put an inquiry or contact us anytime.

For more information on China Clay and Kaolin read our other blog post or contact us today!