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We, Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. are leading Kaolin Suppliers in India providing high whiteness superior quality kaolin to many industries worldwide.

Kaolin we supply -

Kaolin is chemically knowns as hydrated Aluminum silicate used any many industries such as Ceramic (Glaze, Engobe, Body grade), Paper, Plastic, Rubber, Pharmaceuticals, Porcelain, Cosmetic, Ink, Dyes, Fiber glass and Paint Industry. Kaolin is derived from clay mineral mainly from China clay however Sandy clay and potash clay is also used for kaolin manufacturing. It is layered silicate mineral and found in many parts of the world especially in India. A clay mineral in rough format (Direct from mines) has impurities and metallic properties. We process raw clay mineral and remove unwanted minerals and impurities to get quality and industry ready to use material. Our processed kaolin is in high demand in various industries in India and worldwide. Our kaolin clay powder price in India is the most competitive and affordable. We guarantee the best quality and the lowest price for kaolin, whether it is in lumps, cake, noodle, or powder form.

Types of clay used for Kaolin

1. Kaolin from China Clay

2. Kaolin from Sandy Clay

3. Kaolin from Potash Clay

4. Kaolin from Pozzolana Clay

Kaolin in Lumps Form

Kaolin in Cake Form
Kaolin in Cake Form

Kaolin in Powder Form

Kaolin Manufacturers in India

Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. is known for its quality kaolin manufacturing especially from China clay and Sandy Clay. We get our quality Kaolin with high whiteness from Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. We produce 10,000 PMT kaolin every year and based on your requirement and usage, we have bandwidth to increase our production. We have various grade washed kaolin powder such as -

Types of Kaolin

1. Levigated Kaolin

2. Calcined Kaolin

3. Hydrous Kaolin

4. Spray Dried Kaolin

5. Meta Kaolin

Our all products are prepared as per industry specifications and standards. We can ensure following qualities in all of our products

1. Premium brightness

2. Particle size as per industry specification

3. Non abrasive

4. Refractory remains white after firing process (calcination)

5. Hydrophilic and easily dispersed in water

Levigated Kaolin

Levigated kaolin is purify form of raw China clay developed by sedimentation method. In order to eliminate impurities, the China clay is mixed with water and then left to stand. The final outcome of the sedimentation process is quality levigated Kaolin. We produce levigated kaolin in cake and powder form. Levigated Kaolin is one of the most demanding products of Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. worldwide. We feel proud to acquaint ourselves as one of the prominent China clay manufacturers and exporters from India. Being the most renowned levigated kaolin manufacturer, we assure the high quality and cost-effective kaolin from our plants.

We have 5000 PMT capacity for levigated kaolin from our plants. Whether you are looking powdered levigated kaolin or need press form (Cake), we can provide as per your required specifications. The best part about our levigated kaolin is the brightness (L Value). Our product starts from 300 Mesh size and based on your requirement we can go till 2000 Mesh size.

Our packing plant ensure world class standard packing in Jumbo bags of required size.

Chemical Analysis
SiO2 53.42%
Fe2O3 1.10%
Al2O3 29.71%
TiO2 0.80%
CaO 1.41%
MgO 0.81%
K2O 4.20%
Na2O 0.15%
L.O.I. 8.62.%
Physical Properties
Shrinkage 2.56
Loss on ignition % 8.27
Dry M.O.R. kg/cm2 23.8
Fired M.O.R. kg/cm2 159.7
Water Absorption % 15.71
Water Of Plasticity % 36.2
T.D.S 110
Residue On (240#) 2.92
Residue On (240#) 2.92
L* 90.15
a* 2.62
b* 6.67
Whiteness 83.48
Temperature C 1115/1120
Cycle Min 60

Glaze And Tabelware Kaolin

Chemical Analysis
SiO2 46.50%
Fe2O3 0.65%
Al2O3 37.25%
CaO 0.70%
TiO2 0.05%
MgO 0.50%
Na2O 0.38%
K2O 0.27%
L.O.I. 13.50%


Physical Analysis
Brightness After Firing 1250’C 93.0 %
PH Value 6.5/7.0
M.O.R. (Green) 8.0 kg/cm2
Fired Colour Snow White

RUBBER Grade Kaolin

Chemical Analysis
SiO2 45.00%
Fe2O3 01.60%
Al2O3 38.10%
TiO2 0.05%
CaO 0.10%
MgO 0.10%
K2O 0.30%
Na2O 0.70%
L.O.I. 13.50%

Calcined Kaolin

Generally raw China clay is used for kaolin manufacturing. It is the process which makes different category kaolin and calcined kaolin is one of them. When raw china clay is processed on high temperature in a kiln then the end product is calcined kaolin. It is obvious fact that at 100–200-degree Celsius clay mineral loose most of their adsorbed water. In the case of raw china clay has almost 12% to 15% water and the high temperature processing remove the crystal water. When temperature is increased upto 1000 degree Celsius the product become the calcined kaolin (two-dimensional order in crystal structure). Calcined Kaolin is also popularly known as metakaolin in many part of the world.

Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. is leading supplier of calcined kaolin from India. We provide calcined kaolin for paint industry and many other applications as per requirement. Our calcined kaolin is used as a functional extender in paint. While using our product our customer can increase physical durability of their product.

We have capacity to provide 5000 PMT calcined kaolin on monthly basis and as per order we can expand our capacity. We ensure most competitive pricing and export quality packaging for our product.

Hydrous Kaolin

This water washed clay is produced by subjecting the raw clay mineral to an intensive process. The washing plant has all the operations on raw clay such as blunging, slurring, sieving, grinding, chemical wash and possibly magnetically treating, concentrating, and drying. The end product after the process is achieved as a Hydrous kaolin with desired level of purity, particle size, brightness, and residue. Our product is high in whiteness and used as a perfect filler in many industries such as paint, rubber, plastic cable wires and adhesive. The chemically inert and low absorption makes it obvious choice as a filler material. We produce hydrous kaolin in many various whiteness levels and particle size options. Currently we have capacity of providing mesh size of 325, 500 and 800.


Kaolin Clay is the primary product of Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd., being the leading Kaolin supplier in India provides superior quality of Kaolin and the whitest you'll ever find. We bring you Kaolin after all the standard quality checks and we supply our kaolin with our dedicated and trusted logistic partners for on-time and safe delivery of kaolin from mines to your doorstep. The cost of logistics depends on the location and distance where kaolin has to be supplied. We assure our clients of timely delivery of kaolin.

If you are looking for process kaolin in most competitive price then please feel free to put an inquiry with us. Our customer friendly sales team will help you to get the best material with right technical specification and most competitive price ever.

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