Kaolin Clay

Kaolin Suppliers in India

Who we are?

We, Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. are leading Kaolin Suppliers in India providing high whiteness superior quality kaolin to many industries worldwide.

What is Kaolin?

Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. is a calcined kaolin supplier. Kaolin, also known as China clay, is a hydrated aluminum silicate crystalline mineral. The clay is soft when hydrated with water and can be molded and used in various applications, and when dehydrated, it is hard enough to hold the shape and has a high gloss, which is why it is used in the ceramic and tile industry.

Kaolin Uses

Kaolin is a soft moldable clay extensively used in paper, rubber, pottery, ceramics, cosmetics, paint, organic farming, and the construction industry due to its pure white color and mouldability.

Where do we get Kaolin from, for you?

We get our quality Kaolin with high whiteness from Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. We get the best brightest kaolin for you by using processes like magnetic separation, flocculation, and floatation, and each process is closely monitored for quality assurance.

Kaolin in Cake Form

Kaolin in Cake Form

Powdered Kaolin

Powdered Kaolin

Our primary customers for Kaolin :

Our primary customers for kaolin include leading companies in paper manufacturing, rubber manufacturing. Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. is a leading supplier of kaolin clay to the pharmaceutical industry and cosmetic industry too. Kaolin supplied by us is used to manufacture adhesive, face power, lotion, surgical plaster, porcelain dental caps, talcum powder, toothpaste, tooth powder.

How do we deliver?

Kaolin Clay is the primary product of Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd.. Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd., being the leading Kaolin supplier in India provides superior quality of Kaolin and the whitest you'll ever find. We bring you Kaolin after all the standard quality checks and we supply our kaolin with our dedicated and trusted logistic partners for on-time and safe delivery of kaolin from mines to your doorstep. The cost of logistics depends on the location and distance where kaolin has to be supplied. We assure our clients of timely delivery of kaolin.