Calcium Carbonate Powder

Calcium Carbonate Powder

As we all know nowadays calcium carbonate powder is the one of most common utilize raw material. Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. (ZSM) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of calcium carbonate in India. We have been earned a strong reputation as a calcium carbonate powder supplier in a very short span of time. Our processing plants are based in State of Rajasthan, India. Rajasthan is blessed with mother nature Who give us one of the best sources of Calcium Carbonate in the World. We have quality lime stone and marble deposits in Rajasthan hence our products are consistent in quality and low in price. Our Calcium Carbonate Powder - The raw material for many industries such as Plastic, Paint, Paper, Rubber, and Ceramic with the famous brand name ZSM.

Calcium Carbonate Powder

We at ZSM, constantly work on product development as per industry specification and requirement. Our grinding technology includes ball mill, Raymond mill, latest China Mill and Micronizer machine hence the end product is ultrafine and less in impurity. We as a leading calcium carbonate powder supplier knows that most of the industries are using our products as a filler material where they required high whiteness, low impurities, good rigidity, high gloss and superb dispersion. Our all products tick all the boxes which your industry requires. If you are not sure which products suits your requirement then you can contact our product development team and let them know your expectations. We develop product on demand and provide you right chemical and physical specifications. You can read our blog post about calcium carbonate usage where we explained it in detail.

We supply to following industries

1. Adhesives And Sealants

2. Glass and Ceramic

3. Rubber

4. Paper

5. Plastic

6. Paint

7. Cable and Wire

8. Animal Feed

As we have many grades in calcium carbonate powder however our main grade which are popular in domestic and international markets are as below -

ZSM Platinum

This is very rare quality of calcium carbonate from India. It is mostly imported from Vietnam and used however Zillion Sawa Minerals provide the best quality from India and most competitive price ever. The major technical specifications of the ZSM platinum is as per below –

Calcium Carbonate Powder Supplier
Properties Value
Calcium Carbonate as CaCo3 99.25 %
Calcium Oxide as CaO 55.68 %
Magnesium Oxide as MgO 0.07 %
Aluminium Oxide Al2O3 0.010 %
Ferric Oxide as Fe2O3 0.058 %
Silicon Die Oxide as SiO2 0.04 %
Loss on Ignition 43.64 %
Brightness (ISO) 99.20 %
Whiteness (ISO) 99.0 %
Ret on 500 Mesh 0.02
L – Value 95.53
A – Value 0.09
B – Value 0.32

ZSM Super

ZSM Super is most demanding product because of its marginable good properties and price. This is not only cost-effective compare to ZSM platinum but also provide the required specification and stability. The Indian and overseas companies who do not want the very high brightness and adjustable with calcium carbonate percentage used this product widely. This is our regular product and we can provide you unlimited quantity.

Properties Value
Calcium Carbonate as CaCo3 90.50 %
Calcium Oxide as CaO 51.23 %
Magnesium Oxide as MgO 4.50 %
Aluminium Oxide Al2O3 0.050 %
Ferric Oxide as Fe2O3 0.040 %
Silicon Die Oxide as SiO2 3.80 %
Loss on Ignition 42.11 %
Brightness (ISO) 97 ± 1 %
Whiteness (ISO) 98 ±1 %
Ret on 500 Mesh 0.02
L – Value 95
A – Value -0.10
B – Value 1.0
ZSM Super

ZSM Silver

ZSM Silver is good to go product and used by many industries which uses calcium carbonate as a filler material and does not much bother about the witness and brightness. It is cheapest form available with us and can defiantly help you in cost cutting.

ZSM Silver
Properties Value
Calcium Carbonate as CaCo3 83.00 %
Calcium Oxide as CaO 46.48 %
Magnesium Oxide as MgO 5.59 %
Aluminium Oxide Al2O3 0.080 %
Ferric Oxide as Fe2O3 0.32 %
Silicon Die Oxide as SiO2 4.80 %
Loss on Ignition 42.23 %
Brightness (ISO) 92 ± 1 %
Whiteness (ISO) 94 ±1 %
Ret on 500 Mesh 0.02
L – Value 94.04
A – Value -0.17
B – Value 1.51

If you need reliable and cost-effective partner for your calcium carbonate need then Zillion Sawa Minerals can be your ultimate partner. Taking advantage of our expertise and modern grinding technology of Calcium Carbonate, you can fulfil your filler material need. For price and sample please feel free to contact us anytime. We will be happy to provide you the samples for smooth conduct in plant trials. We ensure high quality in consistent manner and most competitive price in the India market.

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