As is widespread knowledge, one of the most often used raw materials in modern society is calcium carbonate powder. In India, a leading producer and supplier of calcium carbonate is Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. (ZSM).Calcium carbonate, a ubiquitous compound found abundantly in nature, plays a pivotal role in various industries and biological processes. Composed primarily of calcium, carbon, and oxygen atoms, calcium carbonate exists in different forms such as limestone, marble, and chalk. Its presence and applications span a wide spectrum, making it a fundamental substance with diverse functions.calcium carbonate is a major component of rocks like limestone and marble, contributing to the formation of landscapes and geological structures.

calcium carbonate powder supplier

These formations hold historical records within their layers, offering insights into Earth's history calcium carbonate serves as a valuable raw material. In construction, it's used as a building material, as a component in cement, and as a filler in concrete, contributing to its strength and durability. In the paper industry, it's employed as a filler and coating pigment, enhancing paper's printability and opacity. The plastics industry relies on it as an additive to modify properties like stiffness and impact resistance.

Our Calcium Carbonate Products

sr no Product Name size parameter Remark
1 ZSM PCC PRIME 200, 325, 500, 700, 1250
D50- 2.5 ੫m
D97- 10.5੫m
CaCO3 - 89.3 % Buy Now
2 ZSM CC PLATINUM 200, 325, 500, 700, 1250
D50 -2.5 ੫m
D97- 10.5੫m
CaCO3 - 89 % Buy Now
3 ZSM CC SILVER 200, 325, 500, 700, 1250 CaCO3 - 55 % Buy Now
4 ZSM CC SUPER 200, 325, 500, 700, 1250 CaCO3 - 82.5 % Buy Now
5 ZSM CC VIETNAM 200, 325, 500, 700, 1250 CaCO3 - 97-99 % Buy Now
ZSM ppc prime supplier

ZSM PCC PRIME: ZSM PCC PRIME is Calcium carbonate produced synthetically is known as precipitated calcium carbonate, or PCC. It is generated from calcium carbonate, also known as limestone, and has the same chemical composition (CaCO3) as limestone,Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, often referred to as purified, refined, or synthetic calcium carbonate, is referred to as PCC. Similar to other forms of calcium carbonate like limestone, marble, and chalk, it has the same chemical formula, CaCO3.

ZSM cc platinum supplier

ZSM CC PLATINUM : ZSM CC PLATINUM calcium carbonate powder is known for its high whiteness and brightness,It is often used to enhance the whiteness and brightness of products such as paper, paints, and coatings.Uncoated ZSM Platinum Uncoated powder has a naturally alkaline pH, which can influence its compatibility with other materials in various formulations.It is used for construction , paper making , In paints as filler and thickener.

ZSM cc-super supplier

ZSM CC - SUPER : Due to its competitive pricing and excellent features, ZSM Super is the most sought-after product. In addition to being more affordable than ZSM platinum, this also has the necessary specifications and stability. This product was frequently used by Indian and foreign firms that did not desire very high brightness and adjustable calcium carbonate content. This is a standard offering from us, and we can give you an infinite number.

ZSM cc-silver supplier

ZSM CC - SILVER: ZSM Silver stands as a prime example of a pragmatic and cost-effective solution that meets the needs of industries that prioritize functionality over aesthetic attributes like whiteness and brightness. It has gained widespread recognition as a reliable and efficient product, particularly in industries that rely on calcium carbonate as a filler material.

ZSM cc-vietnam supplier

ZSM CC - VIETNAM: ZSM CC VIETNAM is a very rare quality of calcium carbonate from India. It is mostly imported from Vietnam and used however Zillion Sawa Minerals provide the best quality from India and most competitive price ever Zillion Sawa Minerals stands as a premier source of high-quality calcium carbonate right from the heart of India. ZSM Cc - Vietnam give high brightness and whiteness in your product . We supply ZSM cc - vietnam in paints , paper , ceramics , and Plastic

Zillion Sawa Minerals can be your ideal partner if you require a trustworthy and affordable partner for your calcium carbonate needs. Utilizing our knowledge and cutting-edge calcium carbonate grinding technology, you may get the filler material you require. Please contact us at any time with questions about price and samples. We will be pleased to give you the samples you need to conduct plant trials successfully. We guarantee consistently great quality and the best prices available in the India market.

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