Potash Clay Suppliers in India

ZSM Potash Clay is an important raw material for the ceramic industry. It is also used as a soil conditioner and a fertilizer. Potash Clay is often used in the production of porcelain because it can be mixed with more common clays to create a hard, translucent white material. Potash Clay can be used to produce porcelain, porcelain enamel, glazes, and glaze enamels.

Potash Clay for Ceramic

Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. is a supplier of high-quality Potash Clay for Ceramic and for industrial use to major tile manufacturers, soap, animal feed, food product and glass manufacturing industries in the country and around globe. Our Potash Clay for Ceramic is also famous among manufacturers of ceramics, glass, and electrodes. It is also used for the body composition of many types of porcelain, china, and earthenware, as well as the fabrication of glazes and enamels.

We bring Quality Potash Clay for Ceramic Industry

Our Potash Clay is used to produce porcelain, porcelain enamel, glazes, and glaze enamels. ZSM brings Potash Clay from western parts of India. The Potash Clay is processed and refined to meet the needs of the ceramic industry. Potash Clay is a fine-grained clay, meaning it has a smooth texture and can be easily manipulated by hand. Potash Clay is also considered a sustainable resource because it can be recycled and reused.

Potash Clay

The clay is mined from the ground and dried to create a very fine clay. The clay is white in color and can be used for all sorts of things including ceramic glazes, pottery, and even gardening. Potash Clay is an excellent product for creating anything from the classic ceramic vase to a garden pot.

Fast and Secure Delivery

Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. is committed to fast and secure delivery of quality potash to our clients at all times in all quantities to our customers. Potash feldspar is readily available and can be provided on a timely basis at very low prices. We have a comprehensive range of Feldspar Powder to meet the needs of our customers, and we have a wealth of industry experience and expertise.

Other Products Supplied by ZSM

Along with Potash Clay for Ceramic, ZSM is a supplier of Kaolin, Dolomite, China Clay, Silica Sand, Gypsum, Limestone and many more minerals around the globe. With our mines and mineral processing units we are able to provide our clients with the best quality minerals in their purest form through our dedicated logistic partners.

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