Laterite mineral supplier in India

Laterite soil can be found in a variety of types on the planet. We offer Laterite from Rajasthan which is primarily used in building. As a well-known Laterite mineral supplier in India, we're here to help. We have laterite soil that has been pulverized. Zillion Sawa Minerals leaves no stone unturned in its quest to provide the highest quality soil to its consumers. There are a variety of laterite soil suppliers, however, we are among the best for laterite from Rajasthan. The laterite soil accessible at our location is high in iron and aluminum and can be used in compacted form.

Laterite is an iron oxide-rich soil layer formed by a wide range of rocks weathering under highly oxidizing and leaching circumstances. It grows in humid climates such as tropical and subtropical countries. It's a reddish basalt weathering result. Because of the high iron oxide content, laterites are rusty-red. Laterite has been used as a building material in Asian countries for over 1000 years. It was dug up from the ground and chopped into huge chunks.

Laterite suppliers in India

We have a monthly capacity of 100, 000 tones of replenishment of laterite soil, we are one of the largest of all laterite providers in India. We guarantee safe and loose packaging and can match our customers' expectations and needs. We try to establish long-term relationships with our clients and consumers by providing the greatest bargains and offers relevant to the product. We provide Laterite from Rajasthan at reasonable prices along with prompt product delivery.

The composition of laterite supplied by Zillion Sawa Minerals is as follows:

Laterite is the most common iron ore; hence laterite powder is used in a variety of abrasives and pigments. As one of the most important iron ores, our laterite is used for a variety of industrial purposes.

Sr. No. Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. Laterite mineral consists of Moisture Particle Size
1 SiO2-14% Max 2.5% Max. February to June
16% Max July to January
50 MM (Screened).
2 Fe2O3-58%Min
3 R2o3-68% Min

Laterite's applications and advantages include

Mainly used as a building material. Laterite blocks are occasionally chopped into blocks and used as brick stones in the construction of homes. Laterites are particularly economically significant for mineral deposits like bauxite. Laterite variations that have been hardened are also used to build rudimentary highways. Solid lateritic gravel is now commonly used in aquaria to promote the growth of tropical plants. In antiques, monuments, sculpture, oil and gas reservoirs, and other forms of adornment, for example. For walling units, laterite-cement blocks are a more cost-effective option.

Application of Laterite in Industries

Zillion Sawa Minerals is a leading Laterite mineral supplier in India to many tiles, aluminum, and iron producers all over India and intends to be a global player as a significant laterite supplier.

  • Cement Manufacturing: Cement manufacturers are one of our esteemed clients for laterite. In the cement industry, our laterite is used in the production of cement.
  • Paints: Laterite is used in all types of paint, primers, powders, and coatings, among other things.
  • Used as a pigment in tiles, floor tiles, flooring products, ceramics, pottery, and other items in the tiles and ceramics sector. It's most typically used with cement for red-colored flooring.
  • Colorants are utilized in the plastic and rubber industries. They're also utilized as a red oxide powder substitute.

Other applications:

  • Welding fluxes manufacturing.
  • Brake lining.
  • ferrous-alloys manufacturing
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