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Mineral Supplier in India

Minerals Supplier

The Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. is an emerging Minerals Supplier in India. We are here to provide our clients with the best standard of minerals and quality material. We deliver all minerals of all grades found and mined all over Rajasthan to parts of India and the world. We are a leading player in the mineral industry, and we target to become the best industry.

Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. is a one-stop-shop for obtaining pure and natural minerals, as well as a mineral supplier in India. Ball Clay, Kaolin, Silica Sand, Gypsum, Quartz, Potassium & Sodium Feldspar, and other minerals have won our company the distinction as a prestigious Indian Mineral Exporter and Minerals Supplier in India. Our company's strong suit is that we can ensure a steady supply of pure, natural minerals.

We provide all kinds of ores and minerals to industries like Ceramics, Cosmetics, Electronics Manufacturing Units, Paper, Paint, Pharmaceuticals, and Rubber. We aim to become the leading Indian Mineral Exporter in the mineral industry, providing our clients with all kinds of minerals that the land of Rajasthan offers throughout its various locations.

Providing Quality Kaolin to various Industries

Kaolin is chemically knowns as hydrated Aluminum silicate used any many industries such as Ceramic (Glaze, Engobe, Body grade), Paper, Plastic, Rubber, Pharmaceuticals, Porcelain, Cosmetic, Ink, Dyes, Fiber glass and Paint Industry.

Kaolin is derived from clay mineral mainly from China clay however Sandy clay and potash clay is also used for kaolin manufacturing. It is layered silicate mineral and found in many parts of the world especially in India.

Our process kaolin is in high demand in various industries in Indian and worldwide. We guarantee the best quality and the lowest price for kaolin, whether it is in lumps, cake, noodle, or powder form.

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