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We Understand Every Industry Has Unique Requirements That's Why We Deliver Our Minerals Tailored to Your Specific Needs. We have mentioned specifications of our product in respective section however, we do understand that sometime you need more specific material in terms of your product development e.g.- Particle Size, Packaging or appearance (colour, whiteness, brightness) etc. We have mentioned our product as per industry especially for Kaolin Clay however other products are equally important for us.

What to use?

As a leading mineral supplier company , we have received many inquiries on daily basis where end user doesn’t know what to use. Sometime either they want to develop a new product or they want to use it as a filler (Kaolin, calcium carbonate, dolomite and talc). In order to get right material, you have to let us know what is your purpose and what quantity you need for sample trial. Our friendly product expert will not only arrange the right material but also help you with your laboratory trial. We have developed most of the product as per regular industry usage however, you can ask or demand product as per your requirement.

In order to get no obligation sample for trial please feel free to get in touch with us by filling this form or contact us now!

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