Minerals are core of paint industry. In a very short span of time Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. has earned a reputation of paint industry mineral supplier. We have been supplying various minerals to paint industry which includes Red Ochre, Yellow Ochre, Calcined Kaolin, Hydrus Kaolin, Calcium carbonate, talc and Dolomite.  Our reputation as a raw material supplier for paint industry became significant because we supply as per industrial requirements. Whether you are dealer or end user, ZSM provides the best quality in most competitive price. Here in this blog post we will explain all the aspects and minerals which is essential in paint manufacturing. We are one stop solution for paint companies as we are a known raw material supplier for paint industry since our inception. As we delas in lot of minerals however, as far as paint industry is concern, we mainly supply following minerals –

Calcined Kaolin

Calcined kaolin is one of the most demanding minerals in paint industry. We provide many grades in calcined kaolin which varies depending on the brightness, whiteness, chemical properties and physical properties.  Our main products for paint industry are ZSM CK super, ZSM CK Snow, ZSM CK White, ZSM CK Silver and ZSM CK base. Our material’s brightness after calcination process goes up to 96% and hence it is very popular among paint industry across the globe. The fine particle size, high brightness and low oil absorption is key to our product success in the market. We have wide range in calcined kaolin and thus become the major player as a paint industry mineral supplier from India.

Hydrous Kaolin

In certain application many paint companies prefer hydrous kaolin. We have many kaolin products which are not calcined but contain fine particle size, high brightness and low in cost. As we all know that Hydrous kaolin is much cheaper then calcined kaolin. Our main hydrous Kaolin product for paint industry is ZSM Shine, ZSM Glow, ZSM Gleam, ZSM Glint, ZSM Coat 75, ZSM Coat 80, ZSM Coat base and ZSM CP 60. To know more about the particle size distribution and brightness, you may visit our Kaolin Clay Company data sheet.

Red Ochre

Red ochre is one of the oldest pigment materials use for painting. We can see extensive usage of red ochre in old caves and houses as painting agent.  Nowadays many paint companies are using synthetic iron oxide however the red ochre is still popular among the major brands. Synthetic iron oxide pigments require the blending of yellow, red, and sometimes black to achieve a natural buff color. However, with these colors, if ground too finely in oil, they have a tendency to bleed. We have many red ochre products in 200 Mesh, 325 mesh and 500 mesh for paint industry. Our main products in Red Ochre Powder for paint industry is ZSM Cherry Red, ZSM Blood Red, ZSM  60+40.

Yellow Ochre

Yellow ochre is also the base pigment and used by paint industries from centuries. Due to its rich texture and properties it is one of the major mineral for paint companies across the globe. Yellow ochre has similar physical and chemical properties like red ochre. The major difference is its appearance. It is again iron oxide mineral and used by paint industry to derive various colors. Like red ochre we do have a capacity to provide 200 Mesh, 325 mesh and 500 Mesh yellow ochre powder for paint companies. Our main product in yellow ochre are ZSM Ujala, ZSM Pukhraj and ZSM Gold. You will get this material in packaging of 25 kg, 50 Kg and Jumbo bags.

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium carbonate is known from many names in the trade such as lime powder, marble powder or calcium clay powder. However, the core of all is calcium carbonate. The Calcium carbonate is used as an extender in paint applications. Due to high whiteness, glossy in nature and superb filler properties calcium carbonate is obvious choice in paint industry. As far as ZSM product range is concern, we are providing three major grades in paint industry ZSM Silver, ZSM Super and ZSM Platinum. We provide all three materials in 200 Mesh, 325 Mesh and 500 Mesh powder. Our packaging depends on buyer’s requirement and usually comes in 25 Kg, 50 kg and Jumbo bags.

Talc Powder

In order to increase robustness of Paint the talc powder is used by paint companies. Talc powder helps in dangling other pigment synthetic or organic. Nowadays all paint companies putting emphasise on weather resistance and talc help for the cause as an important element. We at ZSM provides talc from Udaipur region which is famous as a hub of talc production in India.

Dolomite Powder

Like other minerals for paint industry dolomite powder also brings high whiteness on table. Thus it is also used a filler material by paint companies. The chemically inactive and low oil absorption makes it another important choice for filler in paint. As it is a hard material, it imparts scrub resistance to the paints. Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. provides dolomite powder as per your specific requirement in all mesh sizes and packaging.

How to Buy from ZSM?

Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. is popular name in paint industry due to wide range of minerals. As a leading paint industry mineral supplier company, ZSM has a very friendly buying process. We understand the importance of samples and plant trial process. We provide no obligation samples to our potential buyers. Once you confirm the test results and comfortable about pricing, you can place a bulk order. We not only supply best raw minerals for paint industry but also helps you with logistic. Our friendly sales team will arrange door step delivery at your place in least possible time.

The Final Say!

Rather then buying from multiple vendors and worrying about quality consistency, you should buy from one place. This one stop solution not only save your costing but also reduces your efforts. We at ZSM, are known for our quality consistency, high class packing and on time delivery. So don’t hesitate to put your inquiry about minerals and our team will come up with best possible solution for you!

Keep reading our blog post for supply update, new products for paint industry and mining developments across the globe.