An Introduction to Calcium Carbonate Powder and its Industrial Uses

About Calcium Carbonate Powder

An inorganic substance called calcium carbonate is also referred to as limestone, stone powder, marble, etc. Calcite is its primary constituent. CaCO3 is the chemical formula. The Calcium Carbonate Powder is typically used in the manufacturing of paint, paper, textiles, and many other products. It is also used in medicines, metal alloys, toothpaste, and many other products and Calcium Carbonate Powder Supplier play an important role by providing quality material to all these industries.

Types of Calcium Carbonate Powder?

The calcium carbonate can be separated into Activated Calcium Carbonate, Heavy Calcium Carbonate and Light Calcium Carbonate based on various production techniques.

How are these made?

Ground calcium carbonate is another name for heavy calcium carbonate and is derived from naturally occurring carbonate minerals like calcite, marble, limestone, etc. It is a typical inorganic powder filler.

Precipitated calcium carbonate is another name for light calcium carbonate. It is known as light calcium carbonate because its sedimentation volume is more than that of GCC. It is typically produced chemically, usually requiring calcination in a kiln.

The surface coating of the precipitated calcium carbonate slurry with fatty acids (stearic acid) and a titrate coupling agent, followed by filtration and drying of the coated PCC slurry, produces activated calcium carbonate (ACC) powder. Particle size and crystal structure are precisely affected by temperature, reactant concentration, and other process variables.

Where to find a Calcium Carbonate Powder Supplier in India?

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We are all aware of the significant application value of calcium carbonate in paper, plastic, rubber, paint, pharmaceutical, and other industries and act as a primary Calcium Carbonate Powder Supplier to all these industries.

Industrial Uses of Calcium Carbonate Powder

Let's go into more depth about how calcium carbonate is used in various industries.

Binders and Sealants

One of the most significant subsectors of the fine chemical industry is binders and sealants, which find use in practically every industrial sector. The advantages of surface-modified calcium carbonate include its narrow particle size distribution, high specific surface area, minimal water and oil absorption, and other properties.

Nano calcium carbonate is now the primary raw material used in industrialised nations to make reactive adhesives, hot-melt adhesives, neoprene adhesives, water-based adhesives, and sealants. The adhesive performance of its products has been greatly enhanced under the presumption of lowering costs.

Construction Industry

Construction needs calcium carbonate to function. It can function as a cement additive as well as a building ingredient (like marble). To bond bricks, concrete blocks, stones, rubber compounds, and tiles, it is used to create mortar. Lime and carbon dioxide are crucial components in the production of steel, glass, and paper when calcium carbonate breaks down. Calcium carbonate is utilised in industrial settings to neutralise the acidic conditions of soil and water due to its acid-resistant qualities.

Paper Industry

One of the biggest clients for calcium carbonate Powder supplier is the paper sector. When producing paper, calcium carbonate is mostly utilised as a filler. A significant amount of calcium carbonate is added to the paper to ensure its tensile strength and whiteness while also cutting production costs.

The widespread usage of calcium carbonate in the paper industry is a result of the global transition from acidic to alkaline or neutral paper making processes. High opacity and gloss, homogeneous particle size, and great colour retention are just a few benefits of using calcium carbonate as a paper filler.

Paint Industry

Calcium carbonate serves as both a skeleton and a white pigment in coatings making Paint Industry a huge market for Calcium Carbonate Powder Supplier in India. Calcium carbonate can be used as an extender pigment in paint because it is a white colour, costs less than latex and solvent, and has finer, more evenly dispersed particles.

Calcium carbonate filling can improve the primer's permeability and deposition to the base surface. Calcium carbonate can thicken paste paint and perform filling and levelling functions.

Pharmaceutical Industry

One of the crucial elements of culture in the pharmaceutical sector is calcium carbonate. Its function includes delivering Calcium as well as acting as a buffer to prevent pH changes during stable fermentation and culture. As a result, in the pharmaceutical sector, calcium carbonate serves as a buffer for microbial fermentation. It is typically employed as a filler in pharmaceutical tablets, and it has a specific medicinal function in acid-relieving pills.

Plastic Industry

In filling polymers like polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE), and polypropylene, calcium carbonate is frequently utilised (PP). In order to increase certain of the qualities of plastic products and broaden their scope of use, calcium carbonate is added, and Calcium Carbonate Powder Supplier play a huge role in the success of plastic manufacturers

The following are its benefits:

Calcium Carbonate Powder Increases the hardness, gloss, and smoothness of plastic items' surfaces, as well as their dimensional stability, and boosts their heat resistance. plastic items' astigmatism should be improved; Additionally, more expensive white pigments can be replaced by calcium carbonate that is more white; Profitability will rise when production expenses are decreased.

Rubber Industry

One of the first and most used fillers in the rubber business is calcium carbonate. In order to enhance the volume of its products and save pricey natural rubber or synthetic rubber, a significant amount of calcium carbonate powder is added to rubber. Rubber is loaded with calcium carbonate to increase its tensile strength, tear strength, and abrasion resistance compared to pure rubber vulcanizates.

Furthermore, calcium carbonate is widely employed in a variety of industries, including toothpaste, ink, the glass sector, cosmetics, feed, and others.


Calcium Carbonate Powder is used in various industries. It is used in the production of food, medicine, and many other products. It is also used in construction materials, as a filtration agent, and as a filler in plastics. This product is a valuable commodity and can be used in many ways. Please get in touch with Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt Ltd, a leading Calcium Carbonate Powder Supplier if you want further information, and we will provide it to you.