“Our products are famous for High whiteness, high Brightness and Non-abrasive in nature”

If you get the above properties at the most affordable price with the best logistic support at your factory doorstep then what else you needed. We at Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. (ZSM) is famous for our wide range of calcined kaolin clay products worldwide. We are a leading Kaolin Clay Supplier from India and our monthly export volume is 2000 MT.

#1 Calcined Kaolin Producer in India

ZSM is a one-stop solution for kaolin clay requirements for any industry. We have nearly 40+ products in various forms which include Levigated Kaolin, Meta Kaolin, and Calcined Kaolin Clay. We understand that each industry has specific demand as far as filler material is concerned. We not only understand the technical aspect of it but also has specific calcined kaolin clay product for each and every industry. Our kaolin products are developed as per the industry demand and we constantly work on research and development to meet the requirements of the industry.  The backbone behind our expertise in calcined kaolin is our deposits and raw material supply. Calcination is just a process to modify the existing properties of raw clay, if your deposits are not up to the mark, you cannot make a good calcined kaolin out of it.

Calcined Kaolin – Why Use It?

If you are not known of the benefits of using calcined kaolin then this part of the blog is very useful for you.

Before going deep into calcined kaolin properties first understand what calcined clay is?

Calcined kaolin (also called Meta kaolin) is a powdered white non-plastic material.

The raw China Clay normally the base of Kaolin is loaded with 12 to 14% of water and moisture. This moisture content cannot be removed in a simple process of developing Hydrus Kaolin from raw China Clay. Kaolin is a filler material for most industrial usage and this moisture content becomes the huddle in many applications.

“What if the moisture is removed and whiteness and brightness improvise”

This is how the Calcined Kaolin comes into existence. When the hydrous kaolin is treated at a high temperature (approx. 1200 degree Celsius) in a Kiln then it becomes calcined kaolin clay. In simple language calcination is heating raw China clay until all its free water evaporates, all organic contamination is burned off, and all lattice-bound water is driven off. The best part is refractory remains the white after calcination and brightness also gets improvise to a great extent.

Filler Properties of Calcined Kaolin

Calcined Kaolin has many advantages over normal Kaolin however for your understanding we are listing a few important properties such as –

  1. ISO Whiteness up to 96+
  2. ISO Brightness  Up to 95+
  3. Low Oil Absorption
  4. Weak Electrical Conductivity
  5. Weak Heat Conductivity
  6. Fine particle size
  7. Easily Dispersed in Water
  8. Bulk Density of 0.275 to 0.30 Kg / Litre 

Calcined Kaolin Usage

Kaolin is mostly used as a filler in most industries because of its fantastic unreactive properties and easy availability. However, there are certain applications where the whiteness, hardness, and electrical properties play an important role. In order to improvise such properties the calcination process takes place and the final calcined product gets used instead of simple hydrous kaolin.

As far as calcine kaolin clay usage is concerned it is used in many industries such as paper, refractories, ceramic, paints, pigment, animal feed, Rubber, Latex, Synthetic zeolite cosmetic and pigment. The calcined kaolin is in great demand in paper industry because it is used as filler and as a coating. However, as far as paint industry is concerned due to better opacity and whiteness Meta kaolin clay is a great extender for titanium dioxide. It is used as a functional extender in paint. The ceramic industry also used Meta kaolin for glaze application. The tableware and sanitary ware industry also requires a great quantity of calcined kaolin in engobe applications. Meta kaolin is refractory and softens at about cone 35. Hence it is very useful in refractory and furniture, thermal insulation bodies, low expansion bodies, permeable ceramic compositions, and investment casting.

Above are popular uses of calcined Kaolin clay however if you have done some R&D and believe that calcined kaolin can be a substance in your product then let us know the specifications. Our research and development will cross-check your product and try to develop material as per your requirements.

Calcined Kaolin and Meta Kaolin Products from ZSM

The core of our expertise on calcined Kaolin is our strong research and development team. We understand that these are not fit for all products and every industry has its own parameters and demand. In order to cater industry specific requirements we have developed a vast range of Calcined and Meta Kaolin.

Calcined Kaolin Products

  1. ZSM CK Super
  2. ZSM CK White
  3. ZSM CK Snow
  4. ZSM CK Silver
  5. ZSM CK Base

Calcined Kaolin Clay

Meta Kaolin Products

  1. ZSM Meta L-85
  2. ZSM Meta F-85
  3. ZSM Meta 85
  4. ZSM Meta C-74

Calcined Kaolin Clay

Above are flagship products which especially designed as per the industry norms. However, if you have a bulk requirement (500 MT / Month) and looking for customized Calcined Kaolin Clay then we can do the job work as per your technical specifications.

Calcined Kaolin Price

The calcined kaolin price is very subjective and depends on lots of parameters such as quantity per month, particle size, whiteness and brightness, and chemical composition required. However, if you want a rough estimate for industrial usage where the minimum order quantity is a full truckload or full container load (FCL) then it starts from USD $150 PMT and goes up to USD $300 PMT based on different properties. Meta kaolin price varies based on the demand and supply cycle.

How to Buy Calcined Kaolin Clay?

We at Zillion Sawa Minerals (ZSM) have developed a smooth buying process for our end users. Our end-to-end delivery mechanism helps industries to get the right product at the right price at their doorstep. If you need more information about calcined kaolin clay, need to understand its application benefits, or have specific requirements in mind, feel free to contact our experts. We will help with your requirement and arrange free samples. So don’t hesitate to cut down your production cost with high-quality calcined kaolin from ZSM.

For more information on kaolin clay please feel free to read our other blog posts.