If you are looking Mica Quartz lumps then you are at right place, Zillion Sawa Minerals Private Limited (ZSM) is a leading quartz exporter from India to China and many other countries. A Mica Quartz Composite typically refers to a material that combines mica and quartz. This composite can be created for various purposes, often taking advantage of the properties of both minerals. The combination of mica and quartz can result in a composite material with a unique set of characteristics. For example, it might exhibit good heat resistance, electrical insulation, durability, and aesthetic qualities. Being the leading Mica Quartz Supplier in India we at ZSM not only provide bulk quantity but also ensure the quality consistency.

Apart from other quartz grades which include Sugar quartz, Smoky Quartz and Snow white we also have huge deposit of Mica Quartz in India. If you are looking reliable and regular mica quartz supplier in India, ZSM can be your trustworthy partner.

Our Mica Quartz Production Capacity

ZSM boasts a robust quartz production capacity that underscores our commitment to meeting and exceeding customer demands. Our state-of-the-art facilities in our mineses are equipped with cutting-edge technology and a skilled workforce, allowing us to deliver high-quality Mica Quartz efficiently and on schedule. By looking at our current orders we have production capacity of 1000 MT per month; however we can scale our operations to accommodate varying project sizes up to 3000 MT per month. Our streamlined processes and optimized workflows ensure that every lump we produce maintains the highest standards of quality and as per TDS (Technical Data Sheet).

Mica Quartz Price in India

At ZSM, we take pride in our agile production capabilities and competitive price structure, enabling us to respond promptly to market dynamics and client requirements. Mica Quart Prices in India is varying based on the technical specification, packing requirement and quantity. In order to get the price estimate FOR Mundra Port, you can take a ball park figure for lowest category Mica Quartz starting from USD $100 in Jumbo Bag packing. When you need low feldspar percentage and manually dressed material then price goes up based on the sorting level and feldspar percentage. You can connect with our efficient sales team for further discussion on technical specifications and landing price at your destination. We have in-house logistic team which can help you to get most competitive CIF or FOB price as per your requirement.

Mica Quartz Properties

Mica Property - Mica is a mineral known for its excellent flexibility, heat resistance, and electrical insulating properties. It comes in various forms, including muscovite (common mica) and biotite.

Quartz Property - Quartz is a hard and durable mineral with excellent clarity and a wide range of colours. It is known for its resistance to chemical and environmental factors.

Characteristics of Mica Quartz Composite: The combination of mica and quartz can result in a composite material with a unique set of characteristics. For example, it might exhibit good heat resistance, electrical insulation, durability, and aesthetic qualities.

Mica Quartz Industrial Application

Mica Quartz can be used in various applications depending on their specific properties such as Silica, Mica and Feldspar impurity percentage. As a leading Mica Quartz Supplier in India we have identified some applications from our buyer’s experience. Below are some applications where Mica Quartz is used –

Electrical Insulation: Mica's electrical insulating properties, combined with the durability of quartz, make the composite suitable for electrical insulation applications. Many cable and wire company use this for electrical insulation purpose.

Building Materials: The composite may be used in decorative or functional building materials due to its aesthetic appeal and durability.

Cosmetics: Mica is often used in cosmetics for its shimmering and light-reflecting properties, and a composite with quartz might enhance these features. However, as far as quantitative usage is concern cosmetic industry consumption is very low compare to other industrial applications.

How to Order with Zillion Sawa Minerals Private Limited

Ordering with Zillion Sawa Minerals Private Limited (ZSM) is a seamless and straightforward process designed for your convenience. Explore our comprehensive Quartz Product Range to discover a wide range of high-quality Quartz minerals. From industrial applications to specialty products, we have a diverse selection to meet your needs. Choose the Quartz minerals that best suit your requirements and put an email or phone call. Our dedicated sales team provides detailed product descriptions and all the essential information to help you make informed decisions.

The Final Say!

At Zillion Sawa Minerals Private Limited, we prioritize customer satisfaction, and our ordering process reflects our commitment to a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. Should you have any questions or require assistance, our customer support team is ready to help. Thank you for choosing ZSM for all your mineral needs.