Kaolin is an excellent mineral for making many different products, and it is made in India. Kaolin Powder is a low-alumina, plagioclase feldspar that is white in color. Kaolin is made up of a group of minerals and one of the most common white, silicate minerals. 

Chemically speaking, Kaolin Clay in India is famous for its whiteness and brightness. It is known also as hydrated Aluminum Silicate and is used in a variety of industries, including ceramics (Glaze, Engobe, Body grade), paper, plastic, rubber, pharmaceuticals, porcelain, cosmetics, ink, dyes, fiberglass, and paint.

Clay minerals, primarily from China clay, but also from sandy clay and potash clay, are used to make kaolin. It is a layered silicate mineral that is widespread around the world, but is most prevalent in India.

What is Kaolin Clay Powder?

Kaolin or White Clay Powder is a clay mineral and is one of the most common white, silicate minerals. It is a low-alumina, plagioclase feldspar. Kaolin is found in many different places, but most notably in China. The kaolin manufacturer in India manufactures Kaolin Clay Powder. Kaolin Clay Powder is used in many different products, including paper, paint, and pottery. It is also used in the production of ceramic tiles, porcelain, and glass.

Kaolin is a natural clay mineral that has many uses. It is found in many different places, but most notably in western parts of India.

How to find the best Kaolin Supplier in India?

Since Kaolin has been exported out of India for centuries, one can find many Kaolin suppliers in India. To find the best kaolin supplier in India you need to look out for the location of mines and  quality of material. Best quality of Kaolin Clay in India is found in western states of India, namely Rajasthan and Gujarat.

While looking out for the best Kaolin Supplier in India you need to look out for the price and service too. Best quality is of no use if the price is too high or the Kaolin Powder is not delivered to you on time. A balance of the best quality of kaolin at the right price along with logistic support is the best approach to find the Kaolin Supplier in India and Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. give you all this and more.

Where to find Best Quality Kaolin Powder in India?

You can find Kaolin Powder in India for your industry from one of the Leading Kaolin Supplier in India. Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. is a leading supplier of Kaolin Powder in India. Manufacturing high-quality kaolin, notably from China clay and sandy clay, is a specialty of Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. Their high-quality Kaolin comes from western Indian state, Rajasthan.

White clay powder or Kaolin in India is mined from the earth and dried in a kiln before being crushed into a powder. It is a natural, pure, and environmentally friendly product that can be used for many purposes.

Kaolin Manufacturer in India

Kaolin or White Clay Powder is a type of clay that is used in a variety of industries. The product is often used in ceramics, tile industry papermaking, and other industries. It is also a major ingredient in the manufacturing of paper and paperboard.

A Kaolin Manufacturer in India like Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. mines Kaolin then refine it to remove impurities. This process leaves the kaolin with a pure white color.

Types of Kaolin Manufactured in India

Kaolin Manufacturer in India manufactures various kinds of Kaolin namely:

  1. Levigated Kaolin - Levigated kaolin is a refined form of unprocessed China clay created through the sedimentation process. The China clay is combined with water and then permitted to stand in order to remove impurities. Kaolin that has undergone a quality levigation procedure is the ultimate product of sedimentation. Levigated kaolin is produced by us as cakes and powder.

  2. Calcined Kaolin - For the most part, raw China clay is used in the production of kaolin. Calcined kaolin is one of the several categories of kaolin that are produced as a result of the procedure. Calcined kaolin is the result of processing raw china clay at a high temperature in a kiln. In many parts of the world, calcined kaolin is also known as metakaolin. Calcined kaolin is used in paint as a practical extender and to improve product longevity.
  3. Hydrous Kaolin - The raw clay mineral undergoes a rigorous procedure to create this water-washed clay. All processes on raw clay, including blunging, slurring, sieving, grinding, chemical washing, and perhaps magnetically treating, concentrating, and drying, are done at the washing plant. After the process is complete, Hydrous kaolin will be the final product with the specified level of purity, particle size, brightness, and residue. High in whiteness, hydrous kaolin is utilised as a great filler in a variety of sectors, including paint, rubber, plastic cable wires, and glue.
  4. Spray Dried Kaolin : Kaolin that has been spray-dried is of UltraFine Quality, with particle sizes that are no larger than 2 microns and with an ISO brightness of 85 percent. Best suited for paint and paper coating applications.
  5. Meta Kaolin: The calcined anhydrous form of the clay mineral kaolinite is known as metakaolin. China clay or kaolin are minerals that are high in kaolinite and have historically been used to make porcelain. Metakaolin's particles are not as fine as silica fumes but are smaller than cement particles.



Kaolin is a clay mineral that is widely used in the production of ceramics and porcelain. In the ceramic industry, kaolin is used to make the body of the pottery and porcelain.

The leading manufacturer and supplier of kaolin in India can help your industry get the best Kaolin at the best price and deliver it right at your doorstep. Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. produce high quality kaolin at an affordable price.