Kaolin in Paper Filling and Coating

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Kaolin in Paper Filling and Coating

Kaolin is one of the most demanding minerals in industrial because of its usage in various applications. However, kaolin in paper filling and coating is common and used by most of the paper mills and factories. We at Zillion Sawa Mineral Pvt. Ltd. Provide best quality kaolin for paper industry. As far as kaolin in paper industry is concerned, it is used as a filler to increase material quantity and for coating it will increase the print quality of paper. Which means kaolin not only increase the quantity but also help to improve quality of the paper. The paper industry has three major classifications paper, paperboard and pulp sector.  The kaolin is majorly used by paper and paperboard applications and pulp industry usually work on recycling. Here in this blog post we are focusing on


Kaolin in Paper Filling

Paper industry require low-cost filler material to reduce production cost and hence use Kaolin clay. Raw China clay is when processed or washed it becomes Kaolin. Kaolin is chemically known as an aluminium silicate and because of its chemically inactive nature used as a filler in most of the industries. As far as Kaolin in paper filling is concern it is mostly judged on two parameters brightness and particle size distribution.  Kaolin in paper filling not only reduces the cost but also improves the paper quality. Paper in which kaolin clay is used looks bright, smooth and with high opacity.


Kaolin in Paper Coating

Kaolin is used in paper manufacturing to improve ink absorption. It is a idle pigment for pre coat application. There are many other ingredients for coating purposes however the usage of kaolin in paper coating improve porosity, smoothness, opacity, brightness, whiteness, ink receptivity and many other properties. Like paper filler mineral there are certain parameter on which the paper coating material is judged such as brightness, particle size distribution and viscosity. The high brightness is the most important parameter and it is usually require more then 90% GE brightness and particle size is 85% less than 2 micron particle size. If you are looking high brightness then obviously the calcined kaolin is obvious choice for coating. However, many paper manufacturer uses the mix of calcined and Hydrus kaolin for higher opacity, brightness and but obvious cost cutting.


Price for Paper grade Kaolin

Being the leader in Kaolin trade from India Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. is supplying kaolin in domestic and international paper industry. We have kaolin clay price for paper industry starting from $160 USD to $335 USD per metric ton based on brightness, particle size distribution and opacity. We provide flexible packaging option starting from 25 kg to 1 Ton Jumbo bags based on buyer’s requirement. We provide material on major ports e.g. Kandla and Mundra (Gujarat), Nava Shiva Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata port. We at ZSM believes in long term business relationship and looking forward to fulfil your kaolin needs from our resources.


The Final Say!

You as a paper manufacturer and we as a leading kaolin supplier in India, we all know that usage of kaolin in paper industry is certainly not new and it brings numerous benefits. The modern-day trade changes the geographical limitation and one can easily procure the mineral from anywhere. We as a supplier ensure you the consistent quality and on time delivery at your plant. The kaolin manufacturing methods, raw material availability and machinery evolve in manufacturing define the cost of the material and it varies company to company. We at Zillion Sawa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. invites you to experiment our Kaolin product in your manufacturing process and get benefited from our expertise. Do not hesitate to put an inquiry or ask for FREE no obligation sample.

Our experience sales team will help you to identify the right product in most competitive price ever. For more information on Kaolin manufacturing, Kaolin usage and kaolin price subscribe our blog.