Being the leading kaolin supplier in India we have been asked this question several times that what is the kaolin clay powder prices in India? This question is very subjective and answering it with simple number is simply injustice to industry and kaolin manufacturer. We have decided that we will write a blog to educate people about kaolin pricing in India and provide them cost effective options.

Kaolin clay or China clay is one of the most demanding minerals from India. China clay when process to purify the output derived as Kaolin clay. Kaolin is chemically known as aluminium silicate (Al2SiO3) and used for various applications. The non-reactive nature of kaolin with perfect filler properties it is used as a filler material to reduce cost. Kaolin clay powder price in India varies from INR 4 to INR 50 per Kg. Chemical properties, particle size and derived process are the key factors while deciding kaolin price.


Kaolin Clay Powder

Before going deep into kaolin clay powder price in India first understand how the pricing get decided for kaolin. Kaolin clay is process form of clay. It can be simple China clay, sandy clay or potash clay. The major objective is to separate impurities like silica sand and other unwanted minerals. Kaolin clay is also known as washed China clay. In India most of the companies are using Hydrus method to manufacture kaolin. Usually in this process raw China clay is washed with the help of water and sedimentation process gives you kaolin. The kaolin comes in cake form which can further grind into powder form.

Kaolin clay powder comes in different particle size and whiteness. The normal process usually provides 200 mesh powder however with the help of advance machineries and process unit it can be further reduces to 2000 Mesh. India has many manufacturing units however MS Sawa Clay is most advanced plant with the capacity to provide 4800 mesh. We at Zillion Sawa Minerals provide 200 mesh, 800 mesh powdered kaolin to our clients.  The particle size is also major in micron in many parts of the world. You can simply use mesh to micron converter chart to understand your requirement. Now we can discuss the kaolin clay powder price in India for both Industrial and normal usage.


Kaolin Clay Price and Packaging

 Kaolin Clay price in India for industrial usage starts from INR 3,200 PMT and goes up-to INR 38,000 PMT based on quality, particle size and availability. Kaolin is major product in ceramic and porcelain industry. It is also used in paint industry however rubber and paper industry used it as a filler ingredient. The kaolin powder available on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart is cosmetic grade. This type of Kaolin is usually comes in 1Kg or 10 Kg packet starting from INR 200. As far as industrial kaolin is concern it is coming in three major forms Cake, Powder and Noodle.

Zillion Sawa Minerals is known for its quality packaging and on time delivery. We have various options for packaging which includes Jumbo Bags (1 Ton Capacity), 50 Kg bags and full load container (FCL) as per your requirement. We have been exporting Kaolin powder from India and help you with your import needs. Whether you need chemical report, physical report of food grade quality check for kaolin powder we can arrange all kind of material within 24 hours. Our response time and efficient delivery support makes us obvious choice for kaolin. Zillion Sawa Minerals have exclusive tie-ups with various manufacturers and mines owners and our research team is constantly working on new kaolin products.


The Final Say!

Kaolin clay powder price in India is subjective and depends on application for which it requires. However, if you have any query or doubt about your requirement feel free to contact us anytime. Our friendly sales executive will help you with not only technical specification but also provides you samples as per request. We work with major corporates and brands for their kaolin requirement and can also help you.

We understand that every industry has unique requirement and kaolin is used for multiple application. So, it would be great if we discuss your requirement in detail. For more information about our kaolin powder price, packaging options and transportation charges to your destination contact us now!