Kaolinite is a soft, usually white and earthy clay mineral which is produced by the chemical weathering of aluminium silicates. Rocks that are rich in Kaolinite are known as Kaolin or China Clay. China Clay is also referred to as White Clay and mainly includes the composition of fine particles in the form of platelets. The clay also consists of the hydrous aluminium silicate found in rocks rich in feldspars, such as granite. The hydrothermal process under which this granite changes into a soft clay found in Kaolin deposits is called Kaolinisation. China clay has high mechanical strength and anti-cracking properties.

Kaolin was first discovered in China, and hence, it gets its name from the Kao-Ling Hill in China, where it has been mined for centuries. High grade deposits of China clay in India are found in Rajasthan, West Bengal, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. Zillion Sawa Minerals is India's leading and reputed China clay supplier that delivers fine and premium quality at reasonable market rates!

Uses of China Clay

China clay is the main ingredient used in the manufacturing of porcelain. But nowadays, it is widely used in other industries such as paper, rubber, paints and cosmetics.

Application and Benefits of China Clay

  1. Filler Component: China clay is used as a filler component in paints, inks, cement primers, wood primers, spray plasters and texture paints, as it has a favourable effect on finished goods. China clay has a lamellar structure that adds toughness to the coatings. Due to its property of low solubility in water, it settles slowly in water and hence, is used in water-based paints. China clay has excellent levelling and brushing characteristics and is therefore used in latex paints as well.
  2. Adhesive Sealants: China clay gives a good rheology control to adhesive sealants. Controlling rheology means influencing the speed at which the adhesive flows, which is crucial during laminating procedures. One of the properties of China clay is a low moisture picking up characteristic, which is beneficial when using moisture sensitive adhesive sealants.
  3. Pharmaceuticals: China clay has been used as an emulsifier or a filler in traditional medicines for years. It has excellent antibiotic, antioxidant and antifungal properties, which is beneficial to the pharmaceutical industry.
  4. Plastic: China clay is used as filler along with other components to add smoothness to plastic products—for example, PVC cables and PE film.
  5. Ceramics: China clay is a naturally hydrated Aluminium Silicate mineral. It has alumina, which does not swell when mixed with water. Therefore, China clay is the most crucial element for making ceramics, rubber, tiles, potteries and many other industries.
  6. Paper: China clay has low abrasive properties, is white in colour, affordable and easily available. Thus, it is the best and primary component for a paper filler. Plus, it adds smoothness, glossiness and brightness to paper, adds strength and improves the opacity and printability of paper.
  7. Cosmetics: China clay is added to a wide range of cosmetic products. It is added to toothpaste for a brightening effect. It is also added to many facial masks as it offers several advantages like oil absorption, preventing acne and hydrating dry skin. When applied, it leaves a gentle, cooling and satisfactory effect on the skin.
  8. Other Uses: China clay is used in the glass manufacturing process because of its high alumina content. It also acts as an excellent pesticide, dust-control and fog removing agent. It is also used for making dinnerware!

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